1896 US Presidential Election

With high voter turnout, competitive third party, and colorfulcandidates, the 1896 presidential election is one of the most interesting political contests in the history of America. During the election campaigns, economic issues such as the gold standard, bimetallism, free silver, and the tariff were given high attention. The primary issue was the country’s cash supply. The 1893 Panic was a severe economic depression that affected most sectors of the economy and produced political upheavals. As a voter alive during this time, I would vote for William Jennings Bryans because he had policies and manifesto that supported the poor, particularly the farmers. As a resident and a farmer in Ohio and considering the current economic situation in the country, voting for Jennings Bryan would be the ideal idea, mainly because of his policies on tariff and sound money. I strongly agree with William Jennings Bryanconcept of the free silver because bimetallism would harm the Americans and heavily hit the working class. He argues that it is morally wrong to debase the currency and linked his sound money policy with the tariff as well as patriotism. As a farmer experiencing economic depression, I believe that the gold standard resulted in the economic situation. The US currency is based on gold, and this keeps the money supply from expanding with the economy. Therefore, I would wish to vote a government that champions free silver. This is the usage of silver for money on top of gold. As a farmer, I believe that using free silver would lead to inflation, consequently increasing the value of my products and simultaneously reduce interest on our debts. Jennings Bryanpolicies on money supplywould protect and safeguard the interest of farmersbecause it would give them a chance to grow under his presidency.

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