9/11 US Attacks

9/11 is one of the devastating terrorist attacks ever happened on the US economy the fatal tragedy took place on September 9th, 2001.  When nineteen Islamic extremist militia personnel, member of a jihadist group AL-Qaeda hijacked four American Airplane and conducted inhumane suicidal attacks on United States economy, one of the attack took place in New York City where two planes  collapsed at Twin towers which is one the world booming trading business Centre in Wall Street. The third plane hit the Pentagon and some portion of building collapsed out  Washington, D.C,  then the fourth plane failed to reach its target and crashed in Pennsylvania farm fields. The attack almost took away 3,000 American lives not including the lives of the nineteen terrorists. This attack triggered president Bush declares war on terrorism and uses all the available resources to fight terrorist.

The attack caused an unfavorable economic impact on the American economy. The stock market in the Wall Street closed for four consecutive business trading days after the attack, and it was the second time since the great depression when trading was stopped for two days to curb bank run. The airline industry lost close five US billion dollars when FAA did a shutdown of airline operations which was a massive blow to the industry, in four days the industry has experienced a loss of close to 1.5 billion US dollar.

The formation of the US Patriot Act, the 2001 September attack led to the creation of Patriot act by the Congress where  President Bush signed to law. This Act gave federal law enforcement massive power and resources in tracking and investigation of the terrorist activities.

The ongoing war on Islamic extremist Groups in Afghanistan less than one month after the 9/11 attack the US military troop flew over to Afghanistan with the aim of destroying the Al-Qaeda group who claimed responsibility for attacking the United States. For ten years the Army performed military operations and success came on second May 2011 when they managed to kill Osama Bin Laden who was the main leader of the group.

From the 9/11 attack, it’s easy to learn that the terrorist attacks cause major blow on a country economy and the aftermath is devastating like loss of people lives, unemployment, loss on infrastructure and the citizens should unite and take responsibilities of reporting terrorist criminal to federal authority in order to avoid such kind of attack on America again.