A career as a personal financial advisor

entails an assessment of an interested party’s financial needs and helping the aforementioned parties with the necessary decisions. An average financial advisor offers individuals or institutions assistance in regards to short-term and long-term decisions touching on investments, retirement, taxation regimes, and insurance, among others. The prerequisite skills in this career include having strong analytical and research capabilities, good communication, listening, and decision-making abilities among others. In the current era, financial advisors also need to have information technology and people skills. A good financial advisor has high levels of knowledge on trends in investment, money management, and savings. Furthermore, these professionals need to have a certain level of mastery in finance, business management, or accountancy areas of study. The main responsibilities in this career include forming of working relationships with clients, analyzing information, risk analysis of decisions, market research, and helping clients make informed decisions among others.

It is important for financial advisors to have strong analytical and research capabilities because at any given time, such a professional would be required to make sense out of complex scenarios. Analytical and research capabilities enable a financial analysts always to stay ahead of the industry. This vantage position is important for both the professional and his/her clients. Naturally, financial analysts are required to have good communication skills because no matter how good their advice is, it has to be communicated effectively to the clients. Currently, even an average financial analyst has to have information technology skills to help him/her navigate the digital realm. The digital spaces offer advisors great opportunities when they are looking for ways to reach clients, trends in the industry, and information vaults. Irrespective of all the paper qualifications of a financial advisor, it is still paramount for him/her to use people skills to make his/her clients feel comfortable and understood.

Most of the people who seek the services of a financial analyst do so because they trust that these professionals possess knowledge that they (clients) do not have. Therefore, it is important for a financial advisor to possess the highest level of knowledge on matters concerning trends in investment. Majority of the clients who seek the services of a financial analyst want help in choosing the best investments in relation to their unique needs. A great financial analyst should also be able to advise the client on the best methods of money management, especially how to handle savings. Knowledge on money management comes from both training and experience. This type of knowledge is also critical because it enables financial advisors to broaden their horizons and reach a wider client base.

To have a fruitful career as a financial advisor, the first thing for me to do is to earn my four-year degree in banking, finance management or any other related field. This training will enable me to be ready for internship and subsequent work-experience in the real world. In the past, financial advisors honed their skills not by being paid for their services, but by acting as financial services salespeople. Therefore, the best way for me to master this career faster is by working in sales-related or customer-service field. These fields are important because they enable me to have all the skills that are not traditionally improved through educations such as communication, people-skills, and decision-making capabilities.

In modern times, it is more important for financial advisors to be more independent and not to be mere salespersons of big companies. Nevertheless, this career path has good prospects in the digital age because people are bombarded with information and options. Financial advisors will step in and help clients to sift through the hundreds of options that are available to them. In the next ten years, opportunities for financial advisors will increase by approximately 12% and with salaries ranging averaging $80,000 for a qualified professional. New York and Connecticut lead with the number of opportunities for advisors.

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