A Dog Pet or a Cat Pet

Comparison and Contrast of having a dog pet to a cat pet as regards fulfillment

The majority of individuals usually keep either dogs or cats as pets depending on their love and motives for raising the animals, and whereas some people fancy the company of dogs, others usually hate them and prefer the cats. Various similarities and differences having a dog and a cat as pets offer to the owner as regards the fulfillment experience that one attains. Both animals always necessitate love and affection from their holders and can reciprocate it back once one shows it to them. The paper, for that case, analyzes the comparison and contrast between raising cats and dogs as pets regarding the fulfilling experience.

First and foremost, cats, who come from the family of felines, like most of their relatives are always loners in that they prefer staying alone most of the time without getting bored. They can do without having to wait by their owners as long as they can receive food, something which is unfamiliar with the dogs. Without seeing their holders for just a day long, dogs can become bored to the extent of even showing gloominess especially while eating. Therefore, dogs offer a fulfilling experience more than cats in that, the significant rationale behind keeping the pet is for a companion, and once they can prove that by wanting to stay by their masters when they are around like the dogs do, then they become the better choice. Besides, the cats’ preference to remain alone shows they are not social like the dogs and, as a result, will not bring more happiness to the owner, an occurrence which will be fulfilling.

When it comes to looking for a workout buddy, cats may not be the perfect preference as they are usually not all that athletic even if they are responsive and will sporadically spend moment playing games with the master. Dogs, on the contrary, are typically great work out cronies as most of the breeds take pleasure in running and climbing, and will blissfully march along on any excursion. However, just given that the cat pets are not all into exercise does not signify that they are not quick, they do possess very lean muscle and will spring or hurdle when stalking quarry even if the prey turns out to be a toy on the floor. The dogs and cats also have different playtime; the dogs like daytime play primarily in the morning and evening, and cats, on the other hand, prefer nighttime games as they are usually from the nocturnal family. Morning and evening hours are often the perfect periods for performing an exercise, and, for that reason, the dogs would provide a satisfying experience more than cats (Hill’s Pet Nutrition, p.2).

Besides, whereas, in most instances, the dogs would enjoy a game of fetching the objects especially after having been thrown by the owner, the cats will always offer a kin observance, for example, as one tosses a ball then walks off unwilling to join in the amusement. For the cat, the entertaining game time might comprise of pouncing on one’s feet while they are busy sleeping or seated watching the television. That also verifies that dogs will offer a great rewarding experience when it comes to working out than the cats as they take part in and enhances the livability of the game

Another difference between the pet dogs and cats are the way they react when they sense danger; the cat will meow or snarl while the dog, on the contrary, will bark. When giving the warning signs, cats will always arch their back and may also lift their back hair, but for the dogs, they will indicate a warning sign by barking and baring their teeth. As a result, the dog pet will enable the owner to be aware of the impending danger easily and faster than the cat would, an experience that is more gratifying to the master than in the case of the cat as they cannot show danger on time to their masters.

When it comes to the similarities between the dogs and cats as pets, they both offer as much supporting experience to the holder as they would from their family members. Indeed, the majority of people often report feeling closer to both their pet dogs and cats. Another similarity between the two pet groups as concerns the realization in experience is that both can aid in reducing the master’s negativity. Much similar to imagining about a companion might assist one in feeling less harmful after a sad day in office, thinking about a pet be it a dog or a cat also has the same effect, that is according to research (American Psychology Association, p.6). Finally, both pets may help in reducing loneliness the owner may feel as both dogs and cats offer a sturdy logic of confidence, belonging, and a significant occurrence (Matthews, p.3; Stein, p.3).

From the above findings, people should always have pets depending on the satisfaction they plan to attain. However, looking at the comparisons and contrast between the dogs and cats as pets, people should always go for the dog given that they offer more rewarding experience than the cats do.


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