A Doll’s House

“Nora left me three days ago, and I have had a lot of time to think about my life from the moment we met until now. I have been blinded by earthly possessions that I cannot realize the efforts she made to keep me happy. Nora cares much about my health and welfare more than anyone in the world, but for me, I have chosen to forsake her and concentrate on possessions that fade away with time. I recall how worried she was about my life that she “borrowed” money from his father to take me to Italy to seek medical attention. Not any woman in the world can go to the extents of forging their father’s signature for the sake of their husband. I was blinded to see how much I meant to Nora.

My social life will change with time, and my reputation may vanish to thin air in case a tragic incident happens to me. At that time I will need a strong woman like Nora to be by my side. It has been three days, and I feel as if Nora left a decade ago. Money and social reputation do not mean a thing if you do not have someone to share happiness with. This house is empty and quite as a graveyard and my heart is even silent than the graveyard itself.

I admit that my eyes are now open to realize how careless I was in handling such a beautiful heart of Nora. I thought that I would be complete when I got the promotion at the bank and Nora could not mean anything to me. I wish time could turn back so that I can take back what I said to her. Truly, we do not know how worth someone is until we lose them.”




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