A fairy tale: Retelling of Rapunzel in a modern setting

Crowe’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rieko, are part of the president’s top advisors and so they can afford the luxury of maids and fancy lifestyles. Their home is a paradise in prestigious suburbs with servants and all the good things to modern standards. Crowe, their only child, is as kind as a dove and humble gentleman who is sensitive about people and love to help.

Lucy, one of the Rieko’s maids, conceived Beth while in high school and her parents threw her to the streets, and she was forced to live in the streets with the child. Unfortunately, due to the poor conditions, Beth spent her life as a baby she had developed a hearing problem and became deaf. When Lucy sought employment at the Rieko’s years ago through a friend she had made on the streets, she hid the fact that she had a child. She hid Beth in her room and locked her in so she would not leave.  

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