A healthcare system

In a healthcare system, the presence of effective teamwork is paramount as it can have a positive effect on patient outcomes and safety. Due to increasing complexity and co-morbidities of specialization of medical care, the need for an effective team has greatly increased. Days are gone when a health practitioner such as a doctor, or a nurse would solely deliver satisfactory care to his/her patient. Today, however, effective teamwork is recognized globally as an essential tool that can be used effectively to construct a patient-centered health care system (McSherry, 2008). Just like in any other work environment, teamwork in a healthcare system promotes open and respectful communication among colleagues and those they are serving. A positive team environment enables people to easily express their ideas, problems, and opinion without the fear of being criticized. Members of a team are made to understand that in order to accomplish a goal, there is the need to pass information around.

An environment with effective teamwork encourages effective ways to resolute conflicts. Naturally, where there are people, problems would always occur, and things may change. Team members help and advice each other whenever there is a problem. When one member is facing some problem, the rest of his/her team may come together and help in finding a solution (Frazer & Oswald, 2009). Therefore, teamwork also helps employees not to feel alone as the rest of his/her team members are present with their insight and experience that help in solving issues.

Team works are also important as they improve employee’s morale and also promote some sense of ownership among them. It allows each employee to take responsibility for the decision that they make, and it also allows them to have more control over their work (Adams, 2005). This can hence greatly improve morale as they gain greater ownership and authority over the projects that they are assigned to work on. Having an extra responsibility may lead to a better working environment and may also lower turnover. Employees who work as a team tend to have a greater sense of recognition and belonging.

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