a political topic on your mind

This is to be a passionate written work about a political topic on your mind. Brainstorm ideas on paper, find out what data you need to research to better understand the topic, ask questions of local agencies, dig for budgets and rules, etc. Insert a personal voice into your work. This means please use the word ‘I’ in your essay: “I think, I believe, in my experience.”

Keep it limited in focus to one piece of the topic pie: For example, don’t do all women’s rights, if that is your topic, but pick ONE part of the issue to discuss, for example ‘negotiating for equal wages’ or ‘the glass ceiling and pregnancy’ in order to focus and not get bogged down in details.

How long? 3-5 pages, double-spaced. You can write it in MLA or APA format.

Most students type their essays but you can submit a handwritten version if your handwriting is not hard to read.
Essays are mechanical. At first, write all your thoughts down on paper without worrying about structure and spelling, etc. Then form an outline of a progression of thoughts in each paragraph. Supply specific examples for each idea in the paragraph. Tie paragraphs together with transitional sentences. Write an interesting introduction that leads to your thesis (introductions are best written last!), then a boring conclusion that just restates what you said (with no added information).

Let that essay rest. Next day read it aloud to yourself. Mark where sentences were not smooth or clear and edit those parts. Make corrections when ideas on paper did not come out as clearly as you thought them in your head. If English is not your first language, then ask a native speaker to read through your essay to edit for syntax and sentence clarity.

Quality writing takes time. You are doing analysis and critical thinking about topics. In your writing bring in realistic steps to how you think an issue could be resolved. Also include answers to opinions from the other side of your topic. What other issues affect your topic and how would you answer some of the opposition to change?
Essay is due November 7, 2018. You can hand it to me in class or put it in my mailbox in reprographics. For grading I will use the six traits scoring rubric guidelines handed out in class. It is worth 36 points.

Essay grading:
1. Exemplary [Far exceeds standard]
2. Above Average [Exceeds standard]
3. Adequate [Meets standard]
4. Inadequate [Below standard]

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