A Tale of same gender couples


Same gender couples have a complicated way of life compared to straight couples. When it comes to divorce and there are kids involved this is not supported fully in the court so mediations remain to be the best solution for this kind of situation. Going to give a case for gay couples who went through this process.


A Tale about One Couple Sam and Tony.


Sam and Tony had been married for ten years and parted ways after Tony cheated with three men in the same house they were sharing. They have a child who is seven years old, his name is Charlie and Tony is the biological father. The two men had married through Massachusetts’s passage for gay marriage but the wedding never happened. Sam wasn’t the biological father but he was termed as the father of their kid, he owned close to all the property they had and he was also the breadwinner for the family. Tony was the owner of the deed belonging to their home, and his job was to stay home looking after their son and doing home chores, though he had a part-time job dealing with marketing for a local tourism company. He had to leave his position as head of marketing to focus on their young one.


After ten years together they went through a separation. Sam realize when he was so busy working to provide for the family and to give them a better life, Tony was busy cheating on him with three different men which he used to bring them in their own house while Sam was at work. Sam asked for separations after he realized things have changed. The divorce affected Tony so much for he did have a stable job and he couldn’t get his old position back unless he starts as a rookie. Also, he couldn’t afford to take care of their son, so Sam had to take him and most of their belongings. There was no written agreement or contract of Sam sharing anything with Tony. Their son used to visit Tony once in a while until Sam denied Tony to see him since he was having men over his house.


They Did they Choose Mediation on their Separation?

Tony decided to use mediation to be able to see his son. This was the best choice to choose since the gay community isn’t represented well in the court. Mediation is the best process since it gives both parties bargaining power without including legal structure and privacy. It helps reach an agreement that favours both of them, and if the same issues occur in the future, they can consult back. While choosing mediator should be someone who is not against the gay community.

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