ABC Long-Term Care Directional Strategies

There are various directional strategies and strategic alternatives that an organization can employ.  ABC Long-Term Care has three directional strategies that it can use for its development. The organization can use the growth strategy where it will explore new markets and introduce new products to its customers. It can also use the stability strategy where it will ensure that changes are significantly minimized and the company’s status quo is maintained. The firm also has two significant strategic alternatives that it can use. Diversification is one strategy that the institution can apply where the management may decide to diversify on their products to ensure that they continue to be in operation. The firm can also consider liquidation as a strategic alternative.

ABC Long-Term Care has a mission of ensuring that the resident’s quality of lives is enhanced by the provision of exceptional services by the use of highly qualified personnel. Its vision is to be a leader in the long- term care sector by the provision of quality services to the patients.  The company embraces the value of commitment to its clients. By hiring highly qualified professionals, the company will be able to realize its directional strategy of growth while being committed to its vision of being a leader in the industry. While keeping these targets in mind, the firm can diversify its products to ensure that all their mission, vision and values are achieved.

For this firm to grow in the industry, it needs to ensure that its mission, vision, and values are kept in track. Therefore ABC Long-Term Care will need to ensure that it hires quality employees that can instigate growth in the firm. It should also ensure that they can diversify their products to ensure that the firm is kept on track even during turbulent times.

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