Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAA)

It is compulsory for patients with AAA to go through the ultrasonographic examination of their abdominal aorta as part of patient management approach (Harter, Gross, Callen & Barth, 1982).  The sonographer will be able to check if there is an increase in the diameter of an aorta, focal dilatation,and the presence of thrombus as well as the aortic dissection. I agree with the information from the report because patients who are concerned with their health facilitate the recovery process. The examination report could reveal useful information that gives the opportunity to conduct a further examination to explain the potential source of the echo present in the luminal surface of the majority of patients with thrombus in AAA.

Most AAAshas(ILT) which is the tissue that emerges as a result of the coagulated blood.  According to Riveros et al. (2015), AAA is a steady and lasting increase of the abdominal aorta. Even though it is possible for most AAA to remain asymptomatic for a long time, elevated stress on the walls as well as the weakening of aorta walls triggers the AAA rupture leading to the death of an individual. It is thus essential to prevent the AAA rapture by considering elective repair. The article compares to the report by Harter et al. (1982) as it explains the meaning of AAA. Any individual who wants to understand AAA must first understand what it is and the brief definition provides summarized everything about AAA. Besides, AAA tops the leading causes of death Among American White men between age 65 and 74 years. I, therefore, agree with the information in the article. It also provides the approaches to correct ruptured AAA which is a great relief to patients as they understand there is hope to cure their condition.

AAA ruptures when there are excess hemodynamic forces on the walls of the aorta. It is thus essential to improve on the prediction of the rapture of AAA by adopting measures such as monitoring the maximum diameter and the rate at which the diameter increases. However, these criteria are not reliable, and that is why a more reliable approach is examining the stress distribution on the AAA walls. This criterio

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