Academic Stress

Stress has become common in student’s academic life. There increasing rates of stress can be attributed to different causes ranging for poor performance to meeting expectation from the teachers and parents. It is apparent that with a heavy workload, reading, and academic demands, the students are prone to stress encounters regarding the work. Even though most of the students try to identify and utilized professional methods of dealing with such challenges, there has been a negative impact on their performance. Furthermore, those who seek to be resilient are still affected in one way or the other. Either of the stress levels still affects their performance where most of the perform poorly when faced with stressors. Therefore, developing new ways and suggesting new approaches to addressing the problems would facilitate stress management and improved performance.

The academic stress is so detrimental since it requires immediate attention and ability of students positive coping strategies aimed at reducing them. Adequate and efficient coping methods would ensure that students develop resilience to significant academic stress. Besides, this would also provide an opportunity for the students to address other external sources of stress. Some of the common caucuses of stress, identified in academic life include fear of failure, interpersonal difficulties regarding instructors or teachers, poor relationships between the teachers and the students and inability of students to cope with the right learning environment. Other causes could be attributed to external instances such as social challenges and family issues. The significant effects of external initiators have also been attributed to the inability of students to have reliable mentors and guidelines toward addressing significant problems. The problem majorly affects adolescents. Other causes can be attributed to family and inability of a person to establish a good relationship with the parents. Consequently, student has a challenge of developing concentration and dealing with stress thus causing poor performance especially the adolescents. Therefore, coping strategies are crucial n providing unique methods of addressing such instances with the aim of boosting performance.

Coping strategies determine the cognitive efforts that an individual applies to developing ways of dealing with stress. Coping process influences an individual’s ability to identify the right methods of addressing, academic challenges is a perception related process that allows an individual to act based in perception traits such as those of resilience inefficacy and ability to secure attachment in adopting the right coping strategies. Having basic tips on coping strategy provides an opportunity to reduce stress.

The adverse effects of stress are evident through reduced mental health. Besides environmental stressors activate an individual vulnerability to stress. Besides managing emotions is one of the crucial and challenging steps where the teens struggle to address. Considering the core problems encountered in academics, most of the stressor activities have been noted , from the rates at which the students manage massive workload assignment and inability to address the increasing fear to fail. Besides, the ability to handle such mental problems contributes to other psychological issues such as anxiety depression irritability and behavioral problems. Incidences of depression are frequent among adolescents. Other problems such as lack of physical inactivity and poor eating or sleeping patterns, contributes to significant problems encountered by students.

Even though none of the studies have shown that encounters of stress ascertain poor performance,  it is evident that most of the students become vulnerable to irritability, lack of concentration an, inability to manage anxiety. These are some of the major causes of poor performance. Introducing coping strategies allow students to manage dynamic challenges while addressing academic performance. Some of the most common methods utilized in schools include the physical activity, introduction of counseling and providing an opportunity and students to rest after classes. Other areas include the introduction of interaction and ability of students to share their problems with their parents and the teachers.

On the other hand, some of the educational systems contributes to students tress events. It should provide a reliable program where students have the opportunity t mo rest and can learn to communicate with other students. The education system should provide a good environment for students to learn without distraction from a poor relationship with teachers or their fellow students.

Engaging students in learning activities that reduce stress. It is essential to share techniques of time management strategies for addressing the rising rates of depression. The first step is to ensure that awareness is created among the students. Part of resilience is emotional awareness. The step can be achieved by allowing the students to understand their feelings and those of other people. Understanding how a person fee provides an opportunity for a person to cope with challenges

Resilience can be defined as a successful outcome and effective adaptation during challenging instances. It is viewed as an individual’s capacity to adopt a positive attitude amidst stressful events. Therefore, is it one of the psychological aspects that reflects on the inner strengths and ability of a person to cope with challenging instances. Students need to have coping skills to boost their encounters of negative instances However,  student’s level o resilience is minimal since they are faced with regular challenges both academic and non-academic. They are vulnerable to emotional management since some of them cannot adopt the right interaction skills with other students.

One of the core strategies is to allow students to take a broken case the involvement of students in physical activities and provide an environment where students can express their concerns regarding the learning environment

Social support plays a significant role in physical and mental health. Adequate levels of social support provide an opportunity for lower rates of stress and enhance positive moos and satisfaction. Also, the support from the professors and other students have been shown to play a significant role in boosting an individual’s self-esteem. It also encourages health behaviors such as exercise adoption of the right diets and reduction of instances of drug abuse. Furthermore, support from the family plays a significant role in ensuring that students develop a positive attitude aimed at boosting morale and introducing new ways of managing stress.

College students have the opportunity of analyzing different stressors with the aim of boosting performance. As a result, they develop a routine base strategy aimed

Most of the students at early college years experience stress resulting from wrong choices of their careers and the changing plans of their future aspirations. Therefore, the coping strategies based on this problem should provide an opportunity for the students to navigate stresses and come up with an independent strategy aimed at reducing stress. Making the rights choices in school facilitates the ability of students to have a self-confident and satisfaction in different activities being conducted.

Visualization is one of the methods that able people to appropriately respond to stress. It is one of the coping strategies that provides instant relief and the ability to develop reliable means of creating new methods of addressing significant mental challenges. On the other hand., adopting healthier ways is essential in developing relieve to the students.

Resilience depicts active coping, and the process is achieved through resilient traits. Such traits are associated with battling against. Trait resilience of the developed traits that is activated in an instance of life challenges The traits is one of the primary strategies used to cope with stressful situations.

On the other hand, active coping provides an opportunity for an and individuals to apply efforts in developing ways of eliminating them. For example, other people choose to avoid instances f stressful situations while others ask behavioral activities to reduce stress. For instance, seeking social support is one of the important coping mechanism adopted by active copers. Besides, they can also modify the nature of stressors thus changing their perception regarding the process. Therefore,  active coping strategies can be described often reduces or tend to eliminate the problem while avoidance stateliest tend  to ignore the problem

Some of the active coping strategies utilized by the college students include making plans to address the issue, interpreting the nature of the problems and developing means of solving them.

On the other hand, the avoidance strategies are often used with the aim of ignoring stressors. The most common methods used include denial engaging in substance abuse such as tobacco or drug abuse. On the contrary, repressing feelings is also typical for coping avoidance strategies.

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