Academic Summary

Text One

Introduction to the Text

The text herein is used to describe the challenges that individuals go through as they try to get Americanised through the Green Card program. In "How To Get Your Green Card In America describes the experience of a young lady who goes to America for the first time through the program. Sarah Thankam Mathews is a 16-year-old girl who faces reality and discovers that life in Oman is different compared to that of the United States of America.

Main Idea and Argument

The author is experiencing the real picture of what immigrants go through when they try to integrate with the American culture. However, for them the only solution is to learn how to do it the hard way because its a dream come true. The author is using a sympathetic tone and a formal language with the aim of getting empathy and as well as proving her cause to her classmates and the authorities. The tone used overall in the text is humorous, but in a way, it is showing the disappointments she has with herself.

Supporting the Main Idea

The author u

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