Accomplish for Old Testament

A prophet is a person gifted by God with the ability to tell future happenings. Christianity has outlined various prophets, for example, Ezekiel, Amos, and Hosea among others. Besides foretelling, prophets were also assigned roles and activities by God. Many of the prophets were reluctant to God’s assignments. Prophet Jeremiah, for example, was unwilling to God on his commissioning. From the Bible, Jeremiah claimed that he was too young to speak. Jonah portrayed a significant act of reluctance when he refused to go to Nineveh and prophesy its destruction as sent by God. Many of these prophets had excuses for unwillingness. Some of these excuses include: I am not yet old enough, I am not an eloquent speaker, send someone else, what if they do not listen. All these and many more include acts of uncertainties and fear among these prophets. That is why in most cases God assured them of his presence with them in the assigned duty.

In any case among today’s preachers’ and pastors, there are also signs of reluctance. Just like the biblical prophets our today’s prophets also come up with excuses when assigned duties. Some of these excuses include; my time has not yet come, I am not financially capable, I need to create a team among other reasons. Even for our pastors today a lot of uncertainties and fear is included.These fears press so hard making them reluctant to fulfil God’s assignments.

When we draw lessons from the prophets and our current preachers, obedience to God should be evident in our lives as human beings. Submission to God can be through living a life of honesty and truthfulness, seeking true life in Christ, denying oneself desires to follow God’s will and not being a prisoner to sin.

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