According to Frankl, human beings pursue a reason to become happy

According to Frankl, human beings pursue a reason to become happy

According to Frankl, human beings pursue a reason to become happy regardless of situations that seem to impact on their efforts negatively. From the reading, three points are vital to me as a student. Firstly, is the point of doing a deed (170). My current generation is governed or rather controlled by technological advancement that implies the need to inject more efforts in what we do to achieve success given the existing competition in every aspect of life. In other words, the present day trends are influenced by sociological factors that have negatively impacted on the lives of many. In this case, embracing the concept of doing a deed leads to a person working hard in education and other aspects of life to achieve success. The second point noted is experiencing something or even encountering someone (170). A person’s experiences mostly propagate the world of achievement. In this case, through this point, I can be able to work together with other students who through their ideas help me experience transformation that is positive to my success. The third point is that which talks of a person growing beyond oneself (170). As a student, I mostly encounter challenges that relate to education as well as my social life. The pressure from social aspects at times negatively hinders my concentration in school. However, through this fact, I able to work beyond my social life, hence achieving my educational goals.

The use of examples

Frankl employs the use of examples more in the article to make statements or claims trustworthy since examples provide more information. Furthermore, Frankl uses these examples to decrease the chances of his concept being misinterpreted or wrongly applied in real life situations. For instance, in explaining the fact behind crimes, Frankl gives an example of what he told prisoners in San Quentin. Having told them that they were human beings just like him and that they had the freedom to commit crimes as well as able to overcome guilt (174). In this case, reading what Frankl had said about mysterium iniquities alone cannot make a reader to comprehend the idea fully. However, through this example, the issue of crimes is made clearer (173)

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