ACHIEVEMENT MOTIVATION IN psychology of personality

ACHIEVEMENT MOTIVATION IN psychology of personality


Psychology and personality mostly deal with the characters and behaviors of a human being. From the chosen topic of achievement motivation it simply means that the act of motivating people must be applied to encourage people to change their attitudes and their behaviors positively.In the discussion achievement motivation is based on the two articles discussed that is: personality change coaching and personality and psychology. The first article it talks about the coaching of people, that is making people change their negativity and hence develop positivity in them (Kline,2015). The report shows how with the help of coaching and motivation people can change their attitudes.For the second article concerning the psychology and personality is based on the aspect of human nature and psychology, the report shows that despite people difference in the view,they still need to have good characters and behavior.With the help of achievement motivation, people are able now to understand that it is necessary to work together for it helps us in attaining the desires that we have. Achievement motivation plays a big role in psychology since it is always used as a tool of encouragement to the individuals which help them to change the negative attitudes to positive attitudes.


Achievement motivation in the psychology of personality is defined as the need for attaining excellence. When motivated we automatic change our actions to the better side. Positive psychology coaching refers to the scientifically-rooted approach that helps people increasing of well-being, applying strength, improving in the performance as well as achieving the desired of the people. When doing personality change coaching in people, it means that as the coach you must change people’s character from being negative in their nature and make them positive( Meyer et al.,2019). On the other hand, personality psychology refers to a branch of psychology which study personality and the variation of character in individuals. Personality psychology aims at showing people that they are individually different because of the psychological force, however, their difference should not be the cause of separation or making them have the difference between them and instead it encourages people to be united among themselves always. Following the first article that talks about the personality change coaching and the second article that discussions about the personality and psychology I will be able to show how the topic of achievement motivation relates with the two material as well as teaching it importance in the psychology of personality.

Achievement motivation –personality change coaching

The first article, that is personality change coach shows that no matter how different people are negative in their personality it is still possible to change their negativity to the positive side. The purpose of having the coaching to the lives people is to teach them and make them have positive attitudes towards their lives to achieve all the desires of their lives which is mostly completed when people are positive towards the things they are doing. According to the article, nothing can be changed in human( Muenks et al.,2018).When coaching people, it becomes easy for people to change their attitudes and hence start being positive in all the things they do.With the help of the achievement motivation that shows the need to attain the excellence, it is an assurance that people must be positive towards their actions to make them achieve the distinction that they wish to accomplish in life. Second, people must be ready to work closely together because when there are cooperation and unity between people, it is easier and faster to attain their goals and the desire of their hearts. The aspects of motivation always encourage people and make them change their personality to be positive.According to the research it shows that when coaching people it can either be a short term period or a long term period depending on the negativity that people had and therefore to change them it requires them to be motivated, to be told the importance of having positive personality in life and the impacts that it is likely to have in their life. Motivation is done by the people who have the experience on how positive character does in life and the effects that it also has in life. Through motivation, it helps a lot since it changes the behaviors of people by making even have a positive mind in life. As a result,when people get motivated, they develop positivity in them, it also enables people to stop undermining themselves and instead see themselves always as essential people in the world and also it makes people relate well with each other despite their differences in nature. The purpose of achievement motivation is to encourage people to live a positive life with a positive personality, to help them in attaining their desires as well as making them always to take life positively.

Achievement motivation- personality and psychology

From the second article about the nature and psychology,where nature shows the character or the qualities of an individual and psychology study human and their function specific those that affect their behaviours, I can say that with the help of motivation to individuals will be able to change their behaviours and characters hence making them live positively in life.The purpose of personality psychology is to study the personality and the difference between the individuals( Pervin, 2015).  .The second aspects about personality and psychology  is more based on the nature and psychology ,it also aims at showing people that they are individually different  becauses of the psychological force. However,due to their difference,some takes positively while others take in a positive way.With the help of motivation,people will be able to understand that their difference should not sparate them and instead they should alwts work together their aim being to achieve their desire which can only be done if only they have positive personality in them.Different people have different character which makes them behave differently in the society.Through the help of achievement motivation ,the people are able to change their feature and character to the better side .The main aim of achievement motivation is to ensure that ,people can attain their desores and that their characters cannot hinder them  in any way.While motivating people on their personality and psychology  it may be a long duration or a short period depending on how much a person is affected by his behaviours and characters as well.

Lit review

From the previous two topic that is personality change coaching and personality and psychology in relation to achievement motivation ,I would summarise the two be saying that achievement motivation plays a big role in the two article .It is because it encourages,it motivates as well as making people to develop positive personality towards themselves which enables them meet the desires of the hearts (Ryan et al ,2019) .For instance,when coaching people,it isdone successful when there is motivation.When people get motivated they feel inspired since it tells them the importance of being positive in life for it will also bring positive results in life.Despite people difference,they should always always have positive attitudes,positive character and their behavoiures should always be positive for them to get the best results in life.The same case happens to the second article thatdeals with the personality and psychology,here it shows that people are different ,and so they act different because of the difference they have among themselves.Howver achievement motivation aims at bringing their dfference together and make them one ,because when people work together despite their difference they always get the best results in return.Also ,achievement motivation play an important role in psychology its self,this is because it deals with the character and the behaours of the individuala and when the get motivated people change theior attitudes and character son the positive side of life hence making them  attain their achievements( Steinmayr et al,2018)


My opinion base on the achievement motivation in relation to the two articles,I suggest that motivation should be done on the regular bases this is because it helps the negative minds people has hence making them change ans have positive attitudes.Corching should be done since people suffer differently and so when coarching is done tio them ,most of them their problems becomes solved hence they start seeing things positively.In coaching people are trained on how to deal with the negative attitudes as well as trying to avoid them where necessary.Also they are encouraged that despites their difference in characters they should not develop negativity in that rather they should be united always to attain their desires.I also suggest that when doing coaching,different people should be trained differently as they suffer differenty hence they should not be grouped together.On the other side concerning the personality psychology,I suggest that motivation to be done laso as it helps people to know that despite their difference in nature it should not be a reason as to why they should have bad behavours and instead they should be encouraged to change their behaviours for them to achieve their desire as the topic of achievementmotivation suggests.


From the above informationconcerning the topic of achievement in relation to the two given article,it is an assurance that psychology and personality needs achievement motivation .The reason why achievement motivation is necessary is because psychology deals with the life of human being and personality shows the characters and the behaviours that human being have.Different individuals has different attitudes,some  are positive while others are negative in their personality (Wigfield et al ,2015) .With the help of achievements motivation,people are able to change their attitudes from negative to the positive side of it.Through the presence of coaching,peoe are able to move from their negativity and be positive in nature.As a result,when individuals have positive attitudes and behaviours they also attain their desires .Also with the help of achievement motivation people are able to understand that despite their difference in them ,for them to attain their desires thaey should work together as one which will also help  people to stop acting like they are better than others.Finally,the presence of achievement motivation should not be eliminated in psychology and instead it should always be encouraged for it makes people to change their behaviours,change their attitudes to the negative side and also it makes people know that despite their differencesin them they should always remain together to help each other in attaining their objectives and iades that they want to attain in future.







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