Adolescent Identities

In the second unit assignment, I had the opportunity of coming up with a TV program based around the theme of identity. In particular, I opted for a talk show that featured experts on gender identities among young adolescents. Indeed, identity crisis is a great source of concern among adolescents translating into a failure of achieving ego identity during this stage. Moreover, identity crisis has the potential of affecting both boys and girls with long term repercussions for the two genders. The choice of a talk show on this subject was therefore suitable because it provides insights for many young adolescents going through the crisis. In addition, the subject of identity among adolescents is also suitable for me having gone through the stage some time back. In fact, having past experiences in the topic of gender identity provided enough motivation in choosing a TV program.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the TV program is that it addresses an area that has traditionally

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