Adolescents and inhalant drugs

There are various reasons which are explained concerning why adolescents involve themselves in the activity of trying inhalants. Inhalants are legal substances which can produce the chemical vapor that is inhaled to help in altering the functioning of the mind, and at times they have pharmacological effects. The reasons vary from those which are personal based on those which are associated with the community in which the affected adolescent lives.

Notably, among the key reasons why adolescents try inhalants if because the inhalants are readily available within their location. It is clear that most of the adolescents who work inhalants are because they can easily access them within their environment. Thus, the affected adolescent easily obtains the inhalants once they need them. However, I do not think that it is a must for adolescents to take inhalants because they are within their reach. First, an adolescent can assess the benefits and harmful effects resulting from the use of inhalants and compare to be able to decide on why they do not need to try inhalants. In this case, the harmful effects linked with the use of inhalants outdo the benefits which an adolescent can claim to obtain from the use of inhalants. Thus, there would be a need for an adolescent to avoid trying inhalants at all. Secondly, there is a need for an adolescent to learn better products which they can use to build their body instead of using illicit substances which affect their organization. Thirdly, adolescents should give more focus to their future goals and objectives; thus they will be able to avoid any substance use which would bring distractions in their plans.

Another factor that would support adolescents to try inhalants is their price. It is noted that most of the inhalants have an amount which is readily affordable by the adolescent. But, being in a position to purchase does not mean that the adolescents will have to use the inhalants. First, the adolescent should consider having beneficial alternative ways of using their excess money. In this case, it would not be necessary for them to misuse their own money to buy substances that destroy their health. Secondly, the price should not be a determinant for adolescents to use inhalants. Hence, adolescents should learn to have good moral conducts with or without money. Thus, they need to adopt good ethical manners which supports them to do what is right following the moral of their society. Thirdly, it would be advisable to for adolescents to avoid routes and areas where it is possible for them to obtain inhalants. Similarly, they should avoid friends who are suppliers or users of inhalants.

Finally, growing used inhalants because they find it easy to use them. On the contrary, they do not have to use drugs because it is easier to use them. This is because adolescents can keep themselves busy with productive activities which would ensure they do not use the inhalants even though they are easy to use. Secondly, there is a need for adolescents to consider using other health-promoting substances which rather than using inhalant products in the name of they are easy to use. So adolescents should be more careful about what they introduce in their body. Thirdly, it could be essential for adolescents to consider having the right friends who would discourage him from taking inhalants although they are easy to use.



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