Advertising Pitch

The most significant step in marketing a product today, the source of value of a product,is understanding of the customers, what they want, how to align the products to their needs and how they buy the product. Therefore, for "Everything Potatoes" to have a successful launch of their product, increase their market share and social media interactions, they have first to scrutinize their product to understand their clients (Acevedo, 2017). The positioning of the product requires differentiating it from competitors and creating a strategy that helps it gain market dominance and increase sales and profit for Everything Potatoes.

According to Bhasin (2018), several approachescan be used to develop positioning strategies with the objective of creating a favorable image in the mind of the consumer. In the case of Everything Potatoes, we will apply product characteristics, pricing, and product class as the most appropriate positioning strategies. Consequently, the marketing strategy that will be utilised to persuade the target market will be persuasive communication. People can be induced to behave a certain way by offering a sizable reward for compliance; this strategy can be beneficial in creating a successful launch of the product. Persuasive communication has a unique space in the context of social influence. Ajzen (1992) argues that persuasive communication entails the use of verbal messages to influence attitudes and behaviour.

Creative Ideas

Hanlon (2018)stipulates that segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) is the most common strategies in modernmarketing. This model is the most applied marketing model in practise since it focuses more on customers rather than products. Since Everything Potatoes intends to target more students clients, this model will be utilised for creating marketing communications plans since it will assist in prioritising propositions and then produce relevant messages that will be used to engage with diverse customers. The ideas for marketing the products will be designed by selecting the most valuable segment of the business and then creating a marketing mix and positioning strategy for every section of the marketing strategy. This model is more useful for digital marketing but will also be utilised for traditional marketing by using visuals such as flyers and brochures.

According to Richards (2018), effective positioning is conveying the differentiating, value-added aspects of the products to the target audience through the communication methods or channels chosen by the brand. Several marketing ideas will be utilised for Everything potatoes to ensure max

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