Aegis Analytical Corporation


Aegis Analytical Corporation was founded in 1995 in Lafayette Colorado by Jahn. Primarily, the firm was formed to offer market and business solutions in process manufacturing of software and consultancy services. Before starting the corporation, the founder had over 20 years' experience in information technology and integrated systems management. Another co-founder, Neway was a biochemist with more than twenty years of experience in management. He was working on areas to do with operational issues, quality control, and regulatory processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Another co-founder Gretchen had over 20 years’ experience in information technology. The corporation also boasted a host of highly experienced and learned executives with hands-on experience having worked in areas of management for a couple of years. Having performed well in the markets for a few years, in 2003, the firm sought to enter into strategic alliances with the objective of making it more visible in the markets, enhancing its business portfolio, and meeting the company's growth plan. In 2002, the firm entered into a strategic alliance with Honeywell POMS that handled add-on products that were Aegis Analytical initially offerednalytical and another partner Rockwell that dealt with pharmaceutical manufacturing.  The alliances attracted millions of dollars in seed capital for business development and marketing of new products and services. However, as it turned out, the firm's new products with its new ally did not sell in the markets as anticipated. It caused the management of Aegis Analytical to question the relationship between their firm Honeywell POMS and Rockwell firms, their strategic alliance, and the feasibility of their business as a matter of going concern.


Contemporary businesses use strategic management as a way of guiding them through the dynamic business environment. Through this approach, firms make decisions that are feasible and sustainable for them to continue being in the markets. Through strategic management, corporate executives formulate various strategies that offer their businesses a superior and competitive fit in the business environment, hence, helping the company to achieve its objectives. The essence of strategic management is to come up with an approach that offers a clear plan of action. The business strategy should also give a company a competitive edge in the markets by exploiting its core competencies in the strategic alliance. It should also enhance synergy and deliver value to the target customers of the firm. For a new business strategy to work for the organization, its management should find several areas of a strategic fit between the partnering firms. To evaluate this, the management should assess the external and internal business environment of the partnering firms and establish if they are compatible.  In effect, strategic factors that

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