Afghan Jihad

Christian Zionists in The United States, the Jewish Movement in the Soviet Union, the Israeli Liaison Bureau Nativ, and the Islamic jihad in Afghanistan in the 1980s were all brought together and laser-focused on ONE common goal. Their primary objective was to defeat the Soviet Union, which bans the immigration of Soviet Jews to Palestine. The Zionists supported the Afghan Islamic jihad since 1979 with an aim of defeating the Soviet, which despised Christianity and prevented Jews from moving to Palestine. The Americans were also bitter as a result of the abduction and subsequent murder of their ambassador in Afghanistan with the aid of Soviet advisors. This resulted in degradation of   The United States and Soviet relation. The Soviet leadership was also against the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt spearheaded by the Americans.

Religious reasons were also critical to the merging of the different war axis. The Soviets were much against the Zionists Christians thus fueling further the participation of Christian in jihad. Fundamentalists Muslims from Israel and Afghanistan also had strong ties. An attempt by Soviet to curtail religion freedom of these groups made them united towards a common goal.

Comparison between Afghanistan jihad and war in Syria

Strong religious beliefs orchestrate both the Afghanistan jihad of 1980 and the ongoing war in Syria. The war in Syria is brought about by the belief that Bashar al-Assad regime is not viewed as a Muslim since they follow the Alawi Islam, and this does not augur well with Salafists.  This implies that a non-Muslim force is occupying Sunni Muslim territory. This is also the case in Afghan jihad where the Soviets disrespected Muslim faith. The two fights have attracted international interests from far and wide especially from the United States and Palestine. The significant difference between the two jihads is that the Syrian war has attracted a huge number of foreign fighters as compared to the Afghan Jihad.

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