Aging: Sociological Concept

Sociological Imagination and Its Use by Sociologists

Sociological imagination is the capacity to understand the connection between personal life, and the results of large social powers. Sociological imagination helps us to understand the bad historical scene and the relationship that exists between people in society and enables us to make sense of the social condition by showing how our troubles affect or are influenced by public issues. Sociological imaginations help us address social problems which exist in society. For example, there is the debate on the link between power and social knowledge, where companies that gather more information about the habits and preference of consumers, can gain too much power and control of the market (Puga & Easthope, 2017).

Differences and Similarities of Controlling Image and Stereotypes

According to Organista, Marin & Chun (2010), the controlling image refers to adverse ethnic and gender stereotype aimed at lesser marginalized groups, to justify and uphold the norms and powers of a central group. Controlling images are similar to stereotypes because it targets lesser groups like blacks, and women, and affirms the powers and norms of the dominant group. In Vietnam and Korea, control imaging negatively affected how women constructed and enacted gender in their daily lives, while in America, black men have been stereotyped as neglectful, deviant and irresponsible in t

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