Aid in Reverse

Possible outcomes for Aid in reverse.

Aid in reverse has always been a challenge for those termed as "poor countries." It has always been of the perception that rich states generously give out their wealth to less developed countries to help them in developing their countries. One possible outcome of this reverse aid would be that there is possible nationalization of these multinational companies by the countries where the natural resources are being consumed. The governments of those countries may be forced to take control of those companies to develop the country's economy and for the profit to help its citizens since they own the resources being used. Consolidation of power by the government will lead to the loss of potential income and assets with no compensation. Such an arrangement would also result in political instability in the invested country when the citizens feel like they are being used unjustly.

how globalization might lead to political action

Globalization benefits have not been universal despite the promise of prosperity and information accessing society. Gl

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