Albert George and Joe Capers

Albert George

From Leroy Moore book, many artists are talented differently. However, I will mainly focus on Albert George. The musician was born in Mississippi several decades ago. This is even though he was blind. Research indicates that the musician used to be a choir member before he became interested in jazz music. He later joined Duke Ellington Orchestra where he was the only male singer. He engaged in many activities during his time while entertaining his audience. He performed in educational and holiday concerts where he entertained the masses.

Additionally, he also participated in classical pops. George’s experience in music allowed him to serve at Lubbock in Texas as a director. The singer mainly relied on musical instruments such as the guitar and the piano to make his music appealing to the target audience. Therefore, despite being blind, he played a crucial role in developing jazz music.

Joe Capers

Joe was another talented Hip-Hop musician in the US. During the 1980s and 90’s he changed the sound of Oakland music. The musician had an engineering background which enabled him to compose good songs. Additionally, his skills helped him to play musical instruments efficiently. Joe also played a crucial role in mentoring young musicians. Most of the upcoming soul and Hip-Hop artists used his studio to record their new songs. It gave the young artists an opportunity to perfect their skills before becoming professional musicians. Finally, Joe was an excellent composer who used his poetry to air various issues that faced society in the ’90s. He also performed several concerts during his time. Finally, the contributions of the two musicians are still remembered by music lovers across the globe.


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