Alice’s Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland is a book about a girl who travels in the world of dreams. Different circumstances meet her. As well, she meets people of each kind. The story is however too creepy to the point that it raises some questions. Evaluating the paper, we see the effects of too many frightening events in childhood tales such as Alice in Wonderland.

According to children minds, tea parties are one of the most enjoyable moments. However, Alice mad tea party brings another perspective to them. The video should not have been made creepy as such. This will only devastate the minds of the kids who come across such videos. Too much of these disturbing videos may even induce them to be violent just as it is seen. There were breakings of coffee cups pouring sugar anyhow. Children ought to be raised in the most peaceful environment as possible. Therefore, it should only portray a quiet moment.

Usually to attend a tea party children believe that one should dress in their best clothes, as well be as polite as possible. The host is expected to be courteous to his visitors as well as the visitors to the host. On the other hand, Alice’s tea party is very different from ethical considerations. It is chaotic everywhere moving from one seat to the other. Alice was not given a chance to finish her story. There was no need for such actions to be illustrated in the kids’ tale. These will only give children a different notion about how to react with visitors.

It might have been their aim to make it dark. Typically, besides a good dream, there is always a nightmare. Although a good dream is every child’s night wish. They expect to wake up and remember what a good dream, they had last night, a beautiful tea party at my friend’s place and so on. The animated video should not have been so creepy. It should not give a reason for children to avoid going to tea parties or be afraid of dreaming. It is a story with a good storyline it should build and nurture children positively both mentally and socially. With this, they will grow to be morally upright and with good ethics.