All Students Should Go To College

All Students Should Go To College

Education and obtaining knowledge is one of the basic needs in the life of a person as it is associated with a lot of advantages and as the commonly say states, knowledge is power. College can be considered to be one of the most significant investments that parents can make to their children, and as the prominent president of America stated, it is an economic imperative. In research done, it indicates that those students who have attended college get to obtain more earnings in their lifetime compared to those students whose highest level of education is high school. Although most people argue on the fact that college students do not get to achieve the same level of success, it is true. The amount of money earned depends on factors such as the institution that the students attended, whether the student graduated from the college, the field of study and the occupation one gets to take after graduation. It is, therefore, logical that good college education is associated with a lot of advantages and all people should make an effort to ensure that their children attend college.

Several ways can be used to know what value education holds and one of the ways is looking at the increase in the amount of money that one earns due to an additional educational year. Although this is argued that, if education and other years in college get to make one more earnings, then the smartest people have the highest probability of getting richer than everybody else and in most occasions, this is not the case as even people who are not bright sometimes get more abundant in life. In the researches done, it indicates that there is a net difference of 10% earnings in people who attended college compared to those who did not participate in college.

Many advantages are associated with a college

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