Allan Edgar

Edgar Allan’s writing style is unique that his piece of writing manifests elaborates experience. In his story ‘The Premature Burial’ a story drafted during romantic times when many writers involved various aspects in their writing such as improbable, horrifying, sentimental, supernatural and fantastic. Allan deployed several of these elements in his writings and was a very popular writer because he reflected the mind’s dark side which consequently attracted readers. He knew readers are captivated to topics that tend to explain the reason behind some weird behavior and actions in human beings. Poe used original sharp image through his figurative language, for example, his story The Premature Burial depicts supernatural and fantastic aspects that appear horrifying and impossible in a real sense. For example, the story narrates of people walking after they have died extremely horrifying in ordinary life. The story shows the dark side of the human mind and how it is capable of creating vivid, terrible stories

The writer creatively shows the dark side his mind and through a fascination whereby he is buried alive. The writer says that to be buried alive is a terrifying thing and goes beyond imagination due to the pain anguish associated with it. The writer uses his characteristically high romanticism style and provides a vivid description of his body after burial. Supernatural side of Poe shows the manner he survives the ordeal. For instance, the face had a sunken and pinched outline, lips had marble whiteness,  and the eyes with lusterless appearance. The grave was cold and silent. The heart had stopped beating. In the three days of burial the body in the grave the body turned to hardy and stony. All these descriptions portray how a writer has utilized strong imagination to focus on the intrigues that lie in the grave after burial. The imagery elements characteristically show Romanticism style of Poe as used in his fictions.

Furthermore, the description of vivid images of one’s death and burial seems terrifying and one which many people lacks the courage to talk about. Again, the story shows the incredible power of the mind to think of extraordinary situations. Poe exploits his mind to narrate vivid details of the horrifying world of the dead, and this is the dark nature of the human thought. Once buried the body remains cold and gradually changes its form as it wastes away, the face starts to slough off after the third day. The flesh begins to detach from the bones as it melts into thick liquid. During this period maggots beings to ooze slowly from within and rotting takes weeks because the cold conditions significantly hinder the decomposition process. Poe goes out of the ordinary writing to expose the horrific conditions that the dead face after death and burial. Typically, death and its associates are most the feared and less discussed issues. The Premature Burial story presents a supernatural and fantastic writing aspect that depicts unusual reality and which the mind conceives. Poe properly utilizes the feature of supernaturalism to explore the unique experiences the deadly encounter confidently. Generally, Poe’s writing style is superb and outstanding in creating vivid fictions


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