Alzheimer in America Study

America has a long history of Alzheimer as one of the diseases that affect individuals. It is a factor that leads to memory loss in an individual which is a progressive and g process.  Many types of research have investigated the cause trends and how it is to be stopped, however, establishing its real cause has been a challenge. This makes it attractive to study the dynamics of the disease based on a population. The main aim of this study is to research the trend of the disorders in the USA as a way of establishing the risk factors of the disease.

Population and sample size of the study

It is estimated that about 6 million individuals in the USA are affected by the Alzheimer’s.  The estimate incorporates the various races in each geographical location in the country.  Out of this population, it is necessary to take a sample of 20 individuals of age above 65 from the regions with the highest number of individuals affected. The study focuses on understanding the possible risk factor that may be predisposing these individuals to the Alzheimer infection. The study takes place in 15 states of the USA.

Hypothesis testing

The study is based on the fact that lifestyle and environmental condition n has a lot of influence on the cause of the disease. For this reason, the null hypothesis is that lifestyle and environmental condition are the main factors that lead to the development of Alzheimer’s state. The alternative explanation, therefore, is that there is no relationship between Alzheimer’s and lifestyle and environment. The study is based on the samples study of individuals in each state based on their lifestyle and environmental exposures.

Research instruments

The main research instruments used for this study are a questionnaire to establish the lifestyle of the individuals affected. It also involves observation of environmental exposures and a thorough analysis of the kinds of activities in the environment. The data collected from the questionnaires and view was them n compiled to come up with a piece of complete information on the trend of the disease based on each environment and geographical condition

Statistical testing and results

The main statistics that was used include environmental influence such as exposure to harsh life condition, primarily based on violence and exposure. The study, therefore, focused on the number of individuals who comes from such places or who at a point have been victims of violence that led to PTSD in them.

Moreover, the statistical data taken involve the number of individuals who lived a lifestyle with no exercise throughout and establish the possibility of a relationship between them and the disease. A regression analysis was conducted to stable the degree of the relationship, especially by comparing the number of individuals with a similar trait that was tested against those e individuals with no Particular features of lifestyle and environment exposure. The result also reveals that the condition is prominent among individuals of age 65 and above and they all had a relaxed lifestyle and environmental exposure. This, therefore, proves the null hypothesis that there is a strong relationship between the lifestyle of individuals, the environmental exposure and the likeliness to develop Alzheimer’s condition at the old age of the individual. The geographical differences did not matter in all the cases of the study.

According to the results of the study, it easy clear that individuals who were in a harsh environment condition were the most affected with Alzheimer’s moreover, the research revealed that individuals who lived a  life at the early stage with little exercise were mostly affected by the condition.

Multivariable methods

The study did n only focused on one variable, but is used a cross-sectional data of the suspected is factors on individuals and theory likelihood to lead to Alzheimer’s. The independent variables used include the age of individuals, the lifestyle, especially the frequency of exercise and the types of diet they have. Another independent variable was environmental exposure to stress factors that cause depressions and unsettledness due to increased trauma. The dependent variable was the development of Alzheimer‘ condition in the individuals. The study, therefore, revealed the relationships that occurred based on a regression analysis that created a lead to the main factors that lead to the death of the brain cell and the development of Alzheimer’s disease.


Alzheimer’s condition, even though the actual cause has never been established, its development and advancement have been understood to be the death of the brain cells. This factor is always linked to the lifestyle of such individuals. The study shows that elements that are dangerous to the brain development such as hypertension, lack of exercise, use of drugs poor diet, depression, violence are among the major causes of the cells of the brain to die. This lead to a continuous, loss of memory in an individual and it eventually leads to the death of the individual.  Therefore the risk factors may be presumed to be the causes of the condition.

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