American Political History Project

Political socialization in the USA is something that no one can avoid, especially because of significant events that revolve around the country’s history. As for my case, I became interested in matters regarding politics in 2012 for the first time. This happened during the 2012 national elections. The memory was made real during the 2016 national elections. Since this time, my political ideology has been growing profoundly, especially during the era of the Democrats when President Obama was the head of the state. His ideology changed and shaped my thinking since I have always had the idea of helping people in the society through a wholesome transformation of the nation. I remember having a strong desire in2012 to bring societal change which cannot be achieved by anyone who would choose to ignore politics.

Besides, favorite TV shows where political events are analyzed and talks held have majorly drawn my interest in politics. Antiquities do affect people, especially in a democratic society like the United States. For instance, the struggle for human rights, political, and social justice by African-Americans has a lot of significance to the country. These events are historical, and, thus, they culminated into Obama’s presidency as the society had to accept that everyone has equal opportunities to become what he/she wishes. There are also some prominent people such as Bill Clinton, Martin Luther King Junior, as well as athletes like Jack Johnson who shaped the political future of the USA through establishing a strong foundation free from racial bias. Today, I am a better citizen, and I feel that the United States is becoming anintegrated country unlike before where racial discrimination was the order.

My political allegiance was defined in the 2016 national elections. The Democrats had well-thought ideologies that aimed at transforming the nation while instituting societal values that aimed at improving the livelihoods of many. More so, Bernie Sanders had sound policies that were unbearable to be ignored. Nonetheless, the Republicans had some conservative and outrightly divisive policies like the Mexican border wall agenda. As such, my all-time American hero is and shall remain to be President John Kennedy. He ledAmericans by employing open policies that significantly changed and influenced international relations. During his time, different nations looked upon the US in drafting foreign affair policies. There were massive improvements in the social perspective of US citizensbecause the policies targeted to improve their living standards. Further, he led the country in overcoming the Cuban missile crisis. Moreover, J.F.K is one of the few presidents whogranted civil rights to African-American minorities.

Politics stand at the heart of the US, and, thus, for any changes to be realized, there must be an aspect of the legislation that should come in. This is regardless of the type of changes that should take place, whether social or economic. Whenever there is any social event planned to take place, politics is usually among the major agendas. Conversely, the economy of the nation is mainly dependent on politics. This explains why the election is among the significant determinants of the country’s growth and development. As such, any president or elected representatives should have sober minds so that they do not mess up the country.

In conclusion, political events, films, and shows attract a lot of people since they involve authority. It is worth noting thatpolitical power is the force that brings about any change or transformation, and, therefore, without being keen on civil issues; the country would be plunged into problems that could have been avoided.

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