An Ideal Society Assignment

An ideal society refers to a community operating in complete harmony. In this setting, individuals work together to solve issues related to every one of them. The government is stable and supports all the needs of its citizens. The administration of the land works in togetherness with the people and other governments as well to provide amenities for all and sundry. Conveniences like water are pure and available to all the people in this society. The land is free of violence and war, and there is absolute freedom for people to pursue diverse passions.

Contemporary American does not conform to the many ideas of the ideal society. However, if there is one thing that stands out among the rest, it is the level of capitalism in this civilization. The height of individualism is unfathomable, and people work to protect their interest. This element of this society would be critical to change. Transforming this aspect would mean that people genuinely cared about others regardless of their social class and their economic power (Levitas, 2013).

More often than not, countries and communities engage in conflict and war in the quest to solve issues arising in their communities. However, there exists an ideal way with which these communities can solve these problems. It involves proper discourse and mediation to discover disagreements and resolve them amicably without shedding a drop of blood. In this situation, communities agree to disagree, and they find comfort in their diversity of opinions. They realize these differences are strengths and not weaknesses.

A Revolution Song, by Russell Shorto, is a book that focuses on the founding of the young American society as narrated through the stories of six individuals who lived in those days. It is a detailed exposition of these individuals’ suffering and triumphs against social ills like slavery and domestic violence. This book brings to light the knowledge that the revolution came about as a result of the need and purpose for individual rights and freedoms of the people (Shorto, 2017). The book also clarifies that this American Revolution is one that continues to this day.




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