Analysis of Chinese Consumer Attitudes in the Premium Car Segment in Chinese First Tier

Analysis of Chinese Consumer Attitudes in the Premium Car Segment in Chinese First Tier

Questionnaire Design

The design of the questionnaire will focus on two parts.

The first part which will be the central part will include about 10 questions in which the respondents will provide their opinions and the decisions on the cars they chose and the reason they prefer one car to the other.  There will be 3 multiple choice questions. The 10 questions are close-ended since they would take less time to answer and would also be easy to respond to. The approach would also help in the minimizing of errors and also make it easier to make comparison and tabulation analysis. Besides, the questionnaire will use the Linkert scaled question where the respondents were asked to rate the satisfaction towards a given car and the significance the place on easy factor in making any future purchases. The scale would range from 1 to 5 where 1 is very dissatisfied while 5 means very satisfied. The decision to use this scale is because it has been used by the researcher to analyze consumer attitudes for over three decades.

The second part of the questionnaire will focus on the demographic. At this stage, the respondent would be required to provide information about their income, gender, household, educational level, occupation, and employer category.

The behavior of car purchases



I am researching cars for my research thesis. The questionnaire comprises of about 18 questions and would not take more than 15 minutes of your time. I am from () University.

  1. Is there a car(s) in your family

Yes (I am the owner)/ belongs to a family member

Yes (It is a company vehicle)


  1. What do you use the car for most of the time


Personal use

Family use

  1. What was the purchase price for the car? Indicated if it was brand new or second hand.
  2. What Brand is your car

☐Volkswagen ☐       Volvo  ☐        Audi ☐ Chrysler ☐   Cherry

☐Mazda         ☒      Hyundai ☐       Toyota ☐Honda ☐    Lexus

☐ Ford            ☐      Mazda☐ Nissan

☐              Others

  1. Indicate the time it took from initial idea to the time of purchasing of the car

☒Less than 2 weeks              ☐ 2 -4 weeks              ☐ 5 -12 weeks

☐ 12 - 36 weeks                     ☐ more than 36 weeks



  1. How important was the decision to purchase the car

☐ Very unimportant               ☐ fairly unimportant              ☐ neither

☐ fairly important                  ☐ Very important

  1. Did the family play any role in the purchase of the vehicle

☐ Agree                                 ☐ Disagree

  1. What role did you play in the purchase of the car?

☐I make my personal decisions

☐I am part of making the decisions

☐I am one of the decisions makers, but I do not play a decisive role

☐The arrangements are made by other people

  1. How are you involved in the process of buying a car and choosing the model?

The decision to by a new car

The budgeting dictions

The intimal choice of the brands

Contacting car dealers

Collection of information on the models and br

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