Analysis of the Agency’s Policies, Procedures, and Plans regarding Unions, Privatization, Pensions, and Productivity

Analysis of the Agency’s Policies, Procedures, and Plans regarding Unions, Privatization, Pensions, and Productivity

The Agency and Unions

Veterans are individuals who served in the armed forces of the country/. These individuals have high experience in the field work and have for long been inthe war zone. When such individualscome back to the state after a long period of the fight, they need to have somebasic need that will help them to settle and establish their families. TheUSA veterans currently do not have a union that takes an interest in their demands. It is for this reason that there is a need to have a union for the veteranadministrations.  One of the reasons is that this union will help to fight for their rights, especially in getting the healthcare and post-war recovery cares. In this case, these people may have sustained injuries in the war, and most of them die in the war.  Theveterans and their families, therefore, need to have an organisation which fight for their rights and know their experience during the war. The second reason for the veteran communities to have a union is to help them have a long connection with the rest who may pull together with them in case of trouble. Promoting a long series of connectivity will give the ex-soldiers a purpose to be proud of, during their services as soldiers.

Privatizationof Veterans Administration

The idea of privatisation of the VA services is taking root in the country with Donaldtrump soon signing into law the bill that aims to privatise the healthcare of the VA healthcare. This is a bad idea, and it is not worth supporting because of several issues that arise from it will become so bureaucratic and therefore may prevent the deserving members of the VA from getting the services most efficiently.It is associated with a dysfunctional bureaucracy that will emanate from longer waits to get clarification from the government to prove the services. The delays may, therefore, make the veterans lose their right to receive better services from efficient government agencies.

The privatisation of the  VA services will lead to creating a profit-making organisation that is aimed at getting profitsabout the activities of the VA. This, therefore, will lead to it being expensive, and most individuals belonging to the agency may not afford it.  Theprivatisationof VA services like health is compared to the privatisation of the prison sector that is so instructive. The private motive also may lead to an increase in inefficiencies in the service delivered. In this case, the privet organisation may not be sustained with the littlepaymentfrom the government. It may not be sustainable, or it may make the services to the veterans too much expensive.

Employee Pension Plans

Some policies n have been set to take care of the pensions of the veteran persons inthecountry. One of such systems involves the introduction of the supplemental income for the wartime veteran.For aveteran to qualify for theadditional pension, he or she has to be in active service forat least 90 days in the military service with a least one day during the wartime o qualify for the VA pension. The pension plan alsocovers those who were in service and actively served for 44 months or the full period for the time he or she was called or ordered to active service of duty. This p covers those who served in the period before September 1980. Theirqualification includes age of 65 and above, totally disabled, and he or she receives supplemental security income. He or she must be collecting social security disability insurance.Moreover, the policy states that the yearly salary must be less than theamount set by Congress for the qualification of the veteran pension.

There is also an additional pension allowance. Veterans or supervising or surviving spouses of the veterans and are eligible for VA pensions, and their households qualify for this allowance whenever they require aid or attendance. It is always referred to as an additional monetary payment. Thispayment can be so procedural since it lacks many details for an individual to qualify for it.

Recommendations for Improving Productivity and Performance Evaluation

The VA performance should have many changes that need to be implemented to ensure increased productivity to the se3ctor. One weak area of improvement should be the health services. In this case, the veterans and their families should get access to free medical services in any hospital in the country. In this case, they should not be included in the Affordable care act premium. The special treatment should record treatment of the diseases and conditions that cover the conditions they experienced during their experience in the field. Such services include tackling PTSD ad increased depressions die to family losses during the war.  The proper medical attention should alsocover the private nursing that help them to health from the injuries succumbed during their missions in the combat.Thetreatment and medical services offered to these individuals should be subsidised and must be unique.

The second recommendation to improve the services offered to the veterans is to ensure that all those services are centralised and purely left for the governmentagencies. This will help to solve the issues of bureaucracies that emanatefrom the privatisation of the service. Moreover, the veteran agencies should be registered in every region and help them with all the supports in terms of social connectivity that help them to link with the rest of the soldiers in the combat during their services in the military. The welfare of the veterans, therefore, becomes a priority to all of them and the connectivity and family support.

The financial support becomes the most critical aspect for the veterans. In this case, there mustbe ways of accessing financial assistance based on pension programs that ensure all the ex-soldiers can access finance in terms of their daily survival and other necessities. It is for this reason that there should be an allowance in their pension that willhelp to meet their demands. In conclusion, the ex-soldiers and veteranshave not been well cateredfor in the USA.Many policies have been established to support the ex-military families. Thesepolicies have been are based on the principle that there is a constant acre for these serving under the American military. The protection role and the improvement of their welfare   becomes to

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