Analysis of the UnMe Jeans Case

Analysis of the UnMe Jeans Case

The purpose of this research paper is to analyse the UnMe case study. The company UnMe gives an insight into a typical business in the modern world; through it, we get an overview of the wrong choices of advertisement a company makes that directly or indirectly affect the results.

If I were operating UnMe Jeans, I would revise my annual media plan and grab the branding opportunity by Web 2.0. I would incorporate search advertisement in social media, the participatory video ads which are user instigated, YouTube videos and Facebook widgets because in social media and search advertisement, customers have an interactive session and express their ideas. The potential clients have an option of viewing the ads voluntarily without interacting their entertainment and relationships. As a businessperson, i would be able to know my customer’s needs and where to improve the jeans since they are all user initiated. As stated by Martin Green, head of Business development at Meebo, “the core strength is communication between people and network. They send each other tons of things, refer things to each other, and if you can put ads in that stream in a way that user pull it through, not hijacking their relationships, then we think you are halfway there.”

Social media influences me in making consumer choices. It’s through social media you learn on the tastes and preferences of potential and existing customers and tailor products that suits them.Through social media, one can get feedback from customers that will profoundly help in service and quality product delivery. What’s more?

In a case I would be running a jeans company in the same geographical area as UnMe Jeans, I would put so many tactics into place to counter the competition. Incorporating a supply-chain strategy and sign

To conclude, advertisement in business is a crucial element that should is supposed to be a priority. Moreso, in the modern world social media platforms should be allocated the highest expense in the budget.