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Aspa business should use Travis’s Illness-Wellness continuum to identify wellness opportunities in areas where the Spa industry is clearly defined in relation to other wellness services. The brand would be built step by step beginning with the core values while defining emotional and functional benefits offered by those values and lastly identifying the channel that would communicate those benefits. Evoe would keep affordability and accessibility as constant foundations of the business. Therefore, a business should have a core value statement which shows what they stand for.

The basic proposition for Evoe was Indian’s growing need to de-stress and their acceptance that Spa visits could become part of consumers’ routines if Spa services could be availed at affordable prices and address cultural obstructions. They decided to research about Spas from regular Spa visitors and those who did not visit Spas to broaden their scope. The main problem was that only a few people were aware of spas, and those knowledgeable were relatively convinced. Moreover, the large segment is looking for affordable Spa experiences but have low awareness. Therefore, the fact remains that a large population of people think of Spas as massage parlors or beauty salons.

The business has to understand the consumer, identify consumer segments, and develop a consumer value proposition (Halkias, Georgios, Vasileios Davvetas, and Adamantios Diamantopoulos 3621). Moreover, the right position to put the business should be analyzed. Qualitative research should be carried out to find the right place to put the business. The primary challenge is choosing the right sections and finding a significant and robust placing for the brand. The brand should understand its consumers hence should interview potential and uninterested consumers employed in private or public companies, homemakers or self-employed potential consumers (Halkias, Georgios, Vasileios Davvetas, and Adam

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