Andeavor Company

Andeavor Company is a large scale business specializing in petroleum exploration and production (Owler1).  According to reviews, the company has implemented strategies to improve its employee motivation. In the same context, the company describes that it has a vision and strategic plan outlining how it conducts its business and relates to its employees (Andeavor 1). To keep the employees motivated, Andeavor treats its staff with integrity and sets high expectations for them.  Employees are provided with safety, health covers and insurance and the environment they work in has been assessed to ensure its safe or all employees (Andeavor 1). The trend has been maintained despite the metamorphosis that the company has undergone.

Andeavor Company asserts that it has a responsibility to treat its employees fairly, promote a culture of values of diversity, inclusion and decision making (Andeavor 1). Other means to motivate staff implemented by the company includes offering training programs and reward the employees who prove to be outstanding in their performance.  Research studies show that the company offers a competitive benefits package. Some of the benefits offered include 401K, good health care plan (caters for medical, dental and vision), retirement pensions, sick leave and vacation days depending on experience and seniority (Indeed 1).

The top competitors of Andeavor include ConocoPhillips, Total, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Devon, and shell. Andeavor is better in employee engagement and job satisfaction than competitor companies such as Exxon. Employees who have worked for Exon claim the company has no integrity for its employees and they can terminate the contract due to trivial errors (Indeed 1).

There is limited news or criticism on how the Andeavor Company treats its employees. However, following the acquisition of Andeavor by Marathon Oil, its employees were not informed of their fate (Druzin 1). The company was not categorical if they would lay off the workers or they would retain them. More than 14, 000 employees were working under anxiety because they feared they would lose their jobs (Kopecki, 1). The move was not a fair way to treat employees who worked for many years for the company. The investors and shareholders greatly benefited greatly from the acquisition as the shares rise by a significant margin.


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