Animal’s Hospital Visitation

Animal’s Hospital Visitation

Last week I went to the animal hospital along the street. I was taking my dog to the vet, and when I got there, I just realized so many other people had brought their dogs along and other pets for treatment. The following is the experience that I had

One of the things that I learned is that most of the people do not understand how they should take care of their pets. While many people are often quick to get a pet, really do they take time to learn on the basics of taking care of a pet? Some of the questions that the people were asking included issues like how am I supposed to feed it? Which food should I avoid and which ones should I focus on (Preuß, and Friederike 407). It emerged there is the need for training people on how to take care and more importantly feed their pets.

The other experience that I witnessed was of a lady who had brought her dog for treatment. Looking at the dog which was a bulldog, one could see that it was in a dire condition. It was evident that there was a need for emergency treatment for the doctor. Quickly the doctor walked to her and asked her to take her dog to the emergency section. Okay, this seemed surprising. I was surprised to realize that even in an animal hospital there are emergency rooms.

Eventually, my turn to see the vet came. I walked to the doctor’s office where he asked me many questions about my dog. I clearly explained the situation and the doctor made some test on the dog. While he progressed with the treatment of the dog, he told me that there is an ongoing class in one of the rooms on some of the steps that one should take to ensure that their dog stays safe (Preuß, and Friederike 409). The engagement with the doctor helped me to know my role in ensuring the safety of my dogs.

After the treatment was over, I went into the room and found that several people were attending the lecture. While there are people who were asking many questions, they reflected on the challenges that I had encountered while taking care of my dog. For sure the experience in the lecture was good. Apart from the knowledge that was coming from the questions that people had with their dogs, the speaker also had so much insight on taking care of pets. It was an insightful engagement listening to the issues in the talk.

The best experience about the day is that apart from the talks I met Shazneen. We had a great time talking about our pets, and it was nice to learn that there are many ways that one can ensure that their pets can stay healthy. She also told me of the foods that should be often given to my pet. The whole experience was excellent and insightful. In conclusion, there is just a need for people to understand that taking care of one’s pet require more information. The most important concern for an individual is to get more information on pet care.



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