Annotated Bibliography: Mental Health Issue in Canada

Annotated Bibliography: Mental Health Issue in Canada

The Current State of Mental health in Canada. (2017, February 9). Retrieved from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association:



The website explains the act that is responsible for ensuring mental health care in Canada. Findings from the site portray that mental health is a big challenge in Canada, but it is taking measures to deal with mental illness by stating a collaboration amongst government institutions to resolve psychiatric health care in Canada. The importance of the source is to provide the foundation to the government bodies and strategies that have made policies on mental health in Canada.


Gray, J. E. (2012). Alberta’s community treatment orders: Canadian and international comparisons. Health Law Review, 13-21.


The journal looks into Alberta’s Community Treatment Orders (CTO’s) and their significances in mental health care. Information from the journal shall aid in looking into the process of issuing such CTO’s as well as looking into other provinces in Canada that provide these Community Treatment Orders as a means of curbing violent behavior associated with mentally ill patients. The importance of the journal is to add up more information on the jurisdiction policies about the Community Treatment Orders and the legal procedure of administering them.


O’Reilly, R. L., & Gray, J. E. (2014). Canada’s mental health legislation. Mental Health Law, 65-66.


The journal explains the legislative measures which are mostly used in Canada to handle cases of mental illness. The journal has information about the jurisdictions and how they favor both voluntary and involuntary admissions to the mental health faculties for treatment. It explains the rights of the patient, the process and the criteria for involuntary treatment of patients. Finally, the journal is essential for it gives details about the provinces and territories that have policies on mental health and how each of the territories addresses mental health.