Bailey, Z. D., Krieger, N., Agénor, M., Graves, J., Linos, N., & Bassett, M. T. (2017). America : Equity and Equality in Health 3 Structural racism and health inequities in the USA : evidence and interventions. The Lancet, 389(10077), 1453–1463. (17)30569-X

Bailey analyzes structural racism and the influence it has on the health sector by looking at two unique and interlinked methods that are stressed in the available literature which includes, residential discrimination and access to quality healthcare. The source of the elements of structural racism is evident in the healthcare sector. I will use Bailey's literature work to explain the predominant theme of structural racism which is evident in the health sector in the United States of America.

Blaisdell, B. (2016). Schools as racial spaces : understanding and resisting structural racism, 8398(February).

Blaisdell explores schools as avenues of racial segregation and gives examples of schools as ethnic spaces whereby, he explains that whiteness controlled access. The highlight is on how fundamental understanding of races was essential to the efforts and how to counter structural racism through analysis of racial spaces. I will use this article by Blaisdell to further reinforce the topic of structural racism in yet another sector of the country, the schools. The source is also essential in giving the solution to structural racism after understanding its meaning.


Bonilla-silva, E. (2015). Rethinking Racism : Toward a Structural Interpretation, 62(3), 465–480.


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