Anthropology short answers

  1. The two global issues that I discuss from the “Future of culture” are; “commercial Tourism” and “The environment.”

Commercial Tourism; this increases environmental degradation without increasing the livelihood of the locals. Here, the locals are provided with the least paying jobs such as Handicraft selling whereas the rest of the money goes multinational companies.

The Environment; environmental pollution such as desertification causes drought. Some of the trees cut down are valued for medicinal and fruits properties, cutting such trees is bad.Illegal mining, for example; extraction of gold in the Amazon also destroys the environment.

  1. Language is a system of communication used by a particular group of people.Language is closely connected to culture in the following ways;Language is viewed as a verbal expression of culture. The language is used to convey and maintain lifestyle and cultural ties.
  2. The importance of the last ice age and its end is that it made the world a better place to live; during the ice age, the climate was much drier and colder than it is today because most of the earth surface was covered by ice.There was also little rainfall and precipitation. However, after the end of the ice age, the climate changed. Currently, when the earth warms, the melt lines up so that the glacier melts faster, shortening and reducing its mass, hence flowing to rivers and water bodies, this adjusts the climate.
  3. Successful cultivation was a great contributor of city-state formation; Neolithic farming enabled the people to live in larger communities due to the abundance of food gained from the knowledge of agriculture and the merits of domesticating animals for meat, milk and pulling power. The more the food, the more the population, this led to specialization, taxes, and law among many more. The people also needed trading centers to exchange their surplus commodities, for instance where they could exchange glass for precious agricultural seeds. These trading areas created to trade their commodities later grew to city-states.



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