Anticipatory Socialization

The world we are living in today has by so far groomed us to have lots of expectations as well as anticipations. As we are growing up, we come across various things and people in life that either force us to admire emulating them or avoid them. The daily interactions between people and multiple activities have created socialization in the world at large. Anticipatory sociology, however, has been a topic of interest to me. The reason is that all of us as we live we tend to look forward to doing a particular activity immediately or later on in life. We also find ourselves looking forward to joining a specific field of interest be it sports, music industry or professional careers.


Anticipatory socialization is the process whereby members who do not belong to a particular group emulate the norms, values, and standards of a group. In most cases, the associated group is the one they aspire to join.  In sports, athletes always anticipate winning a gold medal. The way they interact among themselves is what gives them the drive to work harder. Teamwork and motivation from the team realize an outstanding performance (Cranmer and Myers, 2017). The emulation is purposed to make it easy for them to join that particular group and also mix appropriately with other group members after joining. Anticipatory socialization constitutes a change in an individual's behavior when preparing for a movement in a particular new role. It may be in internship programs or full-t

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