Anxiety Research in Educational Psychology

Anxiety Research in Educational Psychology

Part III

The main results of obtained from the research are that a minimal number of individuals suffering from anxiety will avail themselves for the anxiety reduction programs. Moreover, there is a distinct reduction program for effective anxiety control.

These results had been expected in the reach findings. The results support the hypothesis as students who had succeeded in academics with intact studying strategies and experienced anxiety in their daily schooling days tend to obtain relief through systematic decentralization while students who perform dismally in academics are not in the utmost capacity to respond positively to the involved academics with high levels of anxiety. The author recommends that there should be a potential successful interaction between the ATI researches in a different dimension with the study on the reduction of stress. The author the research designed to relate the complaint in anxiety to the kind of anxiety treatment may produce connections with positive results concerning advanced academic performance (Tobias 577).

Part IV

The conclusions of this research should be given to the educational psychologists in the efforts enhanced by the government through programs aimed at reducing anxiety levels in the nation. The conclusion has to be used by the educational psychologists in public institutions to enable students to reduce their levels of anxiety thus improved academic performance (Tobias 579). After the article, I asked myself on how students who perform dismally in academics tend to respond slowly to anxiety reduction programs.

The findings of this article can be enhanced in the school curriculum by more psychologists being employed to help in the uniform reduction of anxiety levels (Tobias 576). Parents should be recommended to take classes for them to understand anxiety levels correctly effectively.

Work Cited

Tobias, Sigmund. “Anxiety research in educational psychology.” Journal of Educational Psychology 71.5 (1979): 573-581.


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