Apple Inc. in Turkey

Apple Inc. is a technology company that operates in multiple countries whose headquarter is in Cupertino. It involves the designing, development, and selling of computer software, electronics, and online services to consumers. Some of the hardware products of the company include iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. Software includes iOS operating systems and the Safari web browser.

Apple Inc. is a multinational company operating globally. As of 2018, the company had over 500 stores in 24 countries. It has distributors and sellers to sell its products in all these countries the company operates. More than 1 billion of its products are being used worldwide, and its employees come from different countries.

The Marketing Manager Expatriate at Apple Inc. is sent to Turkey for an International assignment. Apple Inc. would like to increase its demand in Turkey since the company entered in Turkey in 2014 and has only two stores. It means the demand is low and needs to be increased so that the number of stores is increased.

As a marketing manager, his roles in Turkey would include managing the marketing activities of Apple in Turkey and develop strategies that will see the demand for Apple’s products increase in the country. Other roles would be coordinating the campaigns of marketing together with the sales activities in Turk

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