Application to Tesco’s on Layout

Tesco is a leading supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, and its customer service has since improved with the introduction of the current layout. The use of self-service reduces the time spent by customers in Tesco’s stores. This is why the company has adopted one layout system for all its stores and it also helps in avoiding confusion that might have resulted due to constant changes.

Bespoke design is a facilities layout that has been adopted by Tesco in all its stores, and it was developed by Tensator. The system encompasses Queues Merchandising as well as customized Tensabarrier posts. This ensures that the experience of the customers in the Tesco stories improves significantly and simplifies the ordinary queuing procedure (Evening Standard, 2019). In fixed position layout, the transformed resources are maintained in a stationary position, and the reason is that they might be too large to be moved (Wileman and Jary, 1997). However, this layout requires adequate space to be executed and the company in question might use a lot of capital to pay rent.

When it comes to process layout, the convenience and needs of the transforming resources greatly dominate the layout decision. This majorly deals with the floor plan and how inventory is supposed to move in and get accessed by the customers. In this regard, similar processes are usually situated together (Hyde, 2019). However, the flow pattern is highly complex. The Tensator utilises diverse process and product layouts to enhance the experience of the customers during their shopping. Thus, it can compete favourably.

Lastly, Tesco has mastered a product layout which ensures that the work stations and various equipment types are situated along the production line. This reduces the cost of moving the goods to the shelves and an example is bread and even fast foods.

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