Applied Materials Inc.

Executive summary

Applied Materials Inc. is a company that provides manufacturing equipment, services, and software for semiconductor and display-related industries. It serves consumers in the United States as well as in other parts of the world. Over the years, the business has been thriving well with an increase in revenue every year. This is due to the dedication of the managers and the commitment of the employees that serves customers well with the products that meet their taste and preferences. However, the company has experienced some of the problems that have led to a decline in its operation. Leveraging big data, issues of coordination of the layered network of experts and how to cope up with the high competition in the market.

The company is finding it hard to manage the big data that they receive in their sales which requires them to use a digital tool such as algorithms. The company needs to transform raw data into actionable analytics to help reduce startup times and improve yields. This is to ensure that the company’s data are safe as well as that of the customers. Since the data is significant, managers find it hard to tap data information that can support faster times to get much yield.

The company has a layered network of experts that work in the various branches worldwide. They must solve problems with customers’ production tools using digital tools and other expertise. However, the company finds it hard to coordinate with them thoroughly to ensure that customers are well served. This is most challenging as it sometimes delays the company operations such as sales and marketing activities. Moreover, the company also finds it difficult to cope up with high competition in the market.  These problems can only be solved through effective communication and using modern technology for the efficiency of work in the company.