Arabic Culture

Terrorism is a global threat, and people who propagate it have specific characteristics. In the Arab world, where most of the population is Islam, terrorists are detested for portraying a bad image about Muslims and their religion. To demystify terrorism, therefore, it is imperative to highlight the traits of terrorists as perceived in the Arab world.

First, terrorists aim to promote hatred between Islam and Christianity. These radicals feel that their religion is superior to other religions and that people should convert to Islam. This mentality has been responsible for many religious wars.

Second, with misguided cult-mentality, terrorists execute attacks in various parts of the world.  Terrorists treat non-Muslims as infidels and misuse the concept of “Jihad” to initiate wars.These terrorist attacks have been responsible for many deaths across the world.

Third, extremists defy the teachings of mainstream Islam. Islam doctrines do not motivate Muslims to molest or kill non-Muslims whatsoever. Qur’an propagates peace and respect for life. Hence, people who harm others based on Islamic principles are criminals and should be prosecuted.

Four, extremists endeavor to change the Western and non-Muslims cultures. Although most Muslims dislike Western civilization, they do not get offended by it as long as their beliefs are not affected in any way. Terrorist, however, wishes to radicalize all people to ensure a homogeneous global culture. Such efforts should be thwarted by as diversity makes life interesting.

Five, terrorists condemn Americans as individuals for wrongs they feel are committed against their countries by the American government. They hold the American citizens responsible for their government’s foreign policies and activities abroad. To the extremists, any American equals to the American government and should be castigated. This notion by terrorists has resulted in the killing of many innocent Americans.

In conclusion, the Arab world, which comprises mostly of Muslims do not support terrorism. Some of the characteristics of a terrorist include promoting enmity between Islam and Christianity, executing terror attacks, defying the teaching of the mainstream Islam, wishing to change the non-Muslims culture, and condemning the American as individuals. Terrorism is evil, and perpetrators should be prosecuted.

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