Are we becoming technological zombies?

Are we becoming technological zombies?

The discovery of technology is one of the greatest achievements in the world. It has transformed every sector and has enabled man to do complicated tasks in the simplest ways. The influence of technology is evident in the way man thinks and his approaches to issues. It is quite observable that the use of computers to do various tasks has removed a significant burden from human. This d implies that we depend on technology entirely as a means of survival, and therefore, there is a likelihood that the addiction to technology is becoming common. The rate of the use of computer devices is alarming, and it is turning people to zombie-like creatures who are not sensitive to social life. This discussion, therefore, focuses on the influence of technology on the social man.

The leading cause of road accidents today is the use of cell phones while driving. It is also common to find an individual concentrating on his or her cellphone while operating dangerous machines which require full concentration. These activities are known to be hazardous since, when an individual uses such technological devices like a phone, he or she loses focus and becomes insensitive to the danger of the machines in operation. It results in accidents. These acts of individuals make them be zombie-like people who do not value their lives.

Socializing is a fundamental nature of man. Knowing people around an individual is helpful since it enables people to help each other and pull together to solve the problems of a neighborhood, society or the entire country. With the introduction of social media, people are losing interest in socializing with other people in their surrounding who they can see and feel. Social media has kicked the bonding nature of man in the surrounding and killed the ability of man to help neighbors.  The fact that it is common to live with a neighbor for more than five years without talking to him or she is an indication of the evil influence of technology. It is turning man to an insensitive being.

One quality that makes human being to be unique is the ability to think and solve the problems that prevail in the surrounding. With the introduction of social platforms, most individuals do not get their own time to think and concentrate on handling real matters in the environment. Instead, the little time that presents to deal with the real world issues is spent on social media. This technology, therefore, creates half-baked adults who cannot change the world to a better place by thinking about the solutions.It is an indication of the evil influence of technology on the ability of the man to conceive.

In conclusion, there are many implications of technology on the nature of human being. Apart from killing the social part of him or her, it makes an individual unconscious to the real environment.  It is a factor that has led to many social problems, primarily due to the negligence of people to handle the practical matters in their environment. Technology is, therefore, turning man to a robot like or zombie-like creatures with no capacity to think and deal with the real issues in the world. The influence of technology should, therefore, be controlled to enable people to be sensitive to the reality of the world.

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