Arguments against hosting of the Olympic games in Los Angeles 2028

Arguments against hosting of the Olympic games in Los Angeles 2028

Los Angeles has been selected as a host to the 2018 summer Olympic Games, the 1932 and 1984 summer games defined the icons of Los Angeles landscape from Coliseum to the downtown murals. While some individuals consider the hosting of the OlympicGames in Loss Angeles as an opportunity to city commerce and attention, hosting of the Olympic Games is verydisruptive and expensive. From the statistics done, the last Sochi Olympic Games were allotted $51 billion, a lot of residents were also displaced in the process. The review is, therefore, an argument against hosting of the OlympicGames in LosAngeles.

The Olympics are a financial drain to the host cities. From the statistics done, since the 1960s, no Olympicgame ever spent below the budget. This means that LosAngeles is likely to fall under the trap of fictitious overspending. In the case of budget overspending, LosAngeles will be responsible for the overrun costs.The other reason against hosting isOlympicGames forces host cities to create infrastructures that fall in disuse. After the Olympics, there are much-unused buildings left in the city which has costly maintenance. Many Olympic venues across the globe are left empty, rusted and overgrown with weeds, LosAngeles should note this con. The other disadvantage of hosting the Olympic is because it may displace and burden the residents of LosAngeles. From the Beijing 2008 Olympic, approximately, 1.5 million people were forcibly ejected from their homes with little compensation. Hosting Olympic in loss Angeles may destroy the neighborhood and displace the residents to the outskirts of the city. Considering the above factors, LosAngeles should avoid hosting the OlympicGames, 2028.



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