Arista Networks

The Arista network is an American company that deals with computer networking. Transmission control product/Internet protocol (TCP/IP) refers to the set of protocols networking which allows communication of two or more computer to take place. Internet address aims to act similar to the address of postal that permit information to be routed into a preferred target(Oppitz et al.,160). It also provides the standards of assigning the addresses towards the networks, sub-networks, the host and sockets that are mostly used in the particular address for broadcast.The major categories of the system include LAN (Local Area Network). It connects devices to those areas that are limited for instance in homes or small offices, and it contains resources like printers and scanners. Most users of LAN include those who use cables, switches, and the router.

The second category is WAN (Wide Area Network); it connects networks that connect devices within geographically separated areas. It is also used by many countries to link their internet. Most of the users of this network include those who operate under a large –scale geographical areas. The process of TCP/IP for the system consists of Application, and it allows people or computer to communicate within a network. Transport, it provides communication for carrying the conversations. The Internet is used to deliver either intranet or an extranet and finally net accessing hence making it easier when using the computer to transfer some documents. Given that the address of IP consists of 32 bit in numbers, therefore it shows that the availability of IP speech on the internet is equivalent to  23(4,294,967,296) address which takes place in between and While creating an IP address, it also includes classes such as A, B, C, and D.Different organization are allocated due to their estimated needs.






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