Article on Business Plan

  • Executive Summary

This section summarizes the entire plan. It states the type of services it provides, its history, and its financial growth. For instance, Sumptuous Cuisine Catering was established in 2005.


Here, the goals the company endeavors to achieve are listed. One of the objectives is Renovate and upgrades the interior of the ballroom.


This section informs about what the company is aiming to provide and the quality to the potential customers.

Keys to Success

Since Sumptuous Cuisine Catering is a catering and event company, the key to success would include things like managing and exceeding client expectations.

  • Company Summary

This section tells us about the ownership and history of the company.

  • Company ownership

The names of the owners of the companies are stated. These are Rudy Electrum and Tosca Cabrini.

  • Company history

The year when Sumptuous Cuisine Catering was started is provided; 2005. The company’s growth in terms of partnerships and finances is explained.

  • Products and Services

This section highlights types and services the firm provides itself or through subcontractors. It states services like space design and décor, event security, and Facility management service among others.

  • Market Analysis Summary

Here, the potential market for the firm’s goods and services is analyzed.

  • Market Segmentation

The type of market for the company’s services is stated. We have the corporate, private, and non-profit markets.

  • Target Market Segment Strategy

Here, strategies are developed to attract customers from the three types of markets mentioned above.

  • Service Business Analysis

This section informs about the methods of connecting the potential clients with the firm.

  • Competition and Buying Patterns

Competitor companies along with their products and the quality of the services are listed. Why customers prefer the potential competitor’s products and services is stated too.

  • Strategy and Implementation Summary

This section focuses on explaining how the firm intends to execute its business.

  • Competitive Edge

The firm looks forward to becoming the only “one-stop-shop” in Doeuvreville.

  • Marketing Strategy

This section entails ways of marketing and making known the services and products of the firm. Marketing strategies such as advertising in Doeuvreville Magazine are proposed.

  • Sales Strategy

This section informs about how to enhance and manage sales. For instance, it seeks to offer training to its salespersons.

  • Sales Forecast

Here, an estimation of sales in dollars is projected.

  • Milestones

Here, developmental activities renovation of the space is discussed.

  • Management Summary

This section explains how the firm will be managed. The specific staff handling various departments is mentioned. For instance, the entire business is directed by CEO Rudy Electrum.

  • Personnel plan

Personnel plan shows job titles, the accompanying duties, and payment. A table with the information is provided.

  • Financial Plan

This section shows the amount of capital required and the probable sources to get finances.

  • Important Assumptions

Shows what the finances are anticipated to be used and the returns.

  • Break-even Analysis

Shows a point where costs and revenue is expected to be equal

  • Projected Profit and Loss

A prediction is made to show the probable losses and profits based on sales and expenditures. Subcontracted services, office expenses will contribute to losses, while the improvement of gross margins will contribute to increased profits.

  • Projected Cash Flow

Shows business investment and potential sources of income

  • Projected Balance Sheet

This section displays the financial status of the company in terms of assets and liabilities.

  • Business Ratios

Here, a comparison using a table is made between the firm and its caterers


Relevant tables are shown.