Article Synthesis and Identification of Information

Article Synthesis and Identification of Information


The study begins by introducing google as the most innovative organization in the world. The introduction assumes that the innovative nature of Google Company is due to its ability to provide a supportive environment to its employees (Chen et al., 61). Additionally, the introduction orients the reader on the purpose of the study, which is to examine the relationship between the commitment of a firm to provide a conducive environment to its employees and the possibility of the employees to be innovative. Moreover, the introduction provides background information about the topic by stating that innovation is essential in providing a company with a competitive advantage. According to the paper, implementation of supportive employee environment enables the organization to ensure job satisfaction to their employees thus improving trust between the employees and their innovative capabilities (Chen et al., 61).

The introduction also provides a definition of terms to be used in the paper such as “workplace quality” (Chen et al., 62, para. 3), which means the level of support employees receive from workplaces. Moreover, it highlights the methods used to provide more information in later sections. For instance, the paper uses “heterogeneity” (Chen et al., 62, para. 4), which means “diversified methods” for various companies and firms resilience (Chen et al., 62, para. 5), which is the ability to persist on realizing innovation The article also states that proper interpretation of the relationship between innovation of workplace policy. For instance, it states that a supportive employee environment involving approaches such as recruitment and retention of employees with special talent may promote innovation Chen et al., 62, para 6).

Main Issue (Problem Statement)

According to the article, previous studies have investigated the impact of employee welfare on other productivi

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